Theology Links

Online Bible Tools
BibleGateway – loads of searchable translations, including NIV, TNIV, ESV

NRSV Bible browser at Oremus

Unbound Bible – Greek, Hebrew, LXX and various translations. Unfortunately the UBS4 text is not accented.

5 Gospel Synopsis – 4 Canonical gospels and Thomas in English.

Theology websites and hubs – These four linked websites have a ridiculous amount of useful stuff – bibliographies and linked and hosted articles, including a load of out-of-print stuff.

NT Gateway – links for all thinks New Testament!

Themelios – you thought it had gone! Well it’s back, online, three times a year and free for all! And it even has archives from the print journals. Published by The Gospel Coalition.

TheologyNetwork – loads of helpful mp3 lectures and text articles from UCCF.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library – loads of out-of-copyright Christian books and works online, downloadable and searchable.

NewAdvent – A Catholic site which holds almost all the Patristic works you could need.

Monergism – Lots of mp3 lectures and sermons, and linked or hosted texts on Reformed theology.

Hebrew and Greek fonts and keyboards from Tyndale House. I find this is by far the easiest way of inputting Greek or Hebrew.

Greek Font Society – including free downloadable Greek typefaces.

Early Christian Writings and Early Jewish Writings – excellent resource for finding links to texts and translations of the Old Testament, Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, Talmud, Jospehus, Philo, New Testament, Early Church Fathers and Gnostic/heretical writings. I think the dating of many the texts given on the site is a bit off though!

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