Lunchbar: Why does God want to stop me having fun?

On Friday the speaker at the CU Lunchbar in Nottingham was answering the question “Why does God want to stop me having fun?”. (Hopefully it’ll be up to listen to online soon, and when it becomes available I’ll add a link)

One of the key points the speaker made was that such an objection to the gospel implies that Christianity is all about restraining people from having fun – but in actual fact (almost) everyone doesn’t seek to live an absolutely hedonistic lifestyle of getting the maximum amount of instantaneous fun they can. Instead, people defer gratification. Why? because there is something else which they are seeking to have that is more valuable than the maximum amount of instantly available fun in any given moment. An example is revision – few people find it is what they would get the most amount of fun from doing, while they are doing it, but it is done in the hope of achieving a degree which can help them to get whatever it is they desire – money, status, the admiration of others etc. So in actual fact most people are prevented from having as much pleasure as they could be having at any given moment in time, in the pursuit of something which, it is hoped, will provide greater or more lasting happiness.

So the question then becomes: What is really worth pursuing as our ultimate goal and motivation? What is most worth possessing? It is in this way that we can see that pursuing relationship with God makes sense – and in this way that it actually becomes possible to truly enjoy everything else. The gospel does not say that other things are bad (as it is often perceived as doing!) – food, money, comfort, friendships, health, sex… but what is bad is to seek to enjoy them without reference to God as their creator and as our ultimate joy and goal.


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