So, you’ve got a Blog, huh?

Looks like after much discussion I’ve finally got myself a blog. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now, but until recently not been that sure about it – having a slight suspicion that it would just turn into another procrastination tool, and lacking an obvious purpose. I still don’t have a defined “purpose” for a blog, as such, but think it would be great to be able to blog about things that interest me from time to time. This might even have a fringe benefit of allowing me to develop some much-needed clarity of expression about these things as I have to write them down in a semi-public format. And what I’m most looking forwards to is getting some comments and discussion going on. I’m willing to consider posting things for discussion by other people I know (students in CU or the Theology department?) once things get going.

What am I planning to put up here? I’m not interested in blogging the minutiae of my day or things like that – those can always go on Facebook! But I hope to be able to put up reflections on books, lectures, sermons and discussions that interest or involve me somehow, and maybe thrash out a couple of questions. I’ll inevitably end up posing more questions than I answer (or maybe just posing) but will try to put some of my convictions up as well, especially on the important things! I’ve just been at New Word Alive, and will post some reflections on it tomorrow. Right now I need to watch Manchester United thrash Porto and check I’ve packed everything for going back to Nottingham.


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